Did You Say Leopard Print?

I have never actually hopped on a fashion trend until this summer. Every store I went to there was something with leopard print! I have two things that fell in love with and had to get!

The first thing is a pair of wedges slide on sandals from my absolutely favorite store! Altard‘ State is a store I could spend all my money in, even if things are pretty expensive, I cannot get myself out of that store once I step inside!

The second thing I have is a bikini swim sit from Target. It is high waisted, which I love! It is also super cute and I feel so comfortable in it! I don’t always get lucky at Target, but it is also one of my favorite stores! my daughter and I go so often and it can be a bad thing at times. As you know, it’s a Target run and done!

I hope leopard print stays around for a while because I love it so much! It is such a fun summer print and I have seen a lot of different clothing and accessories around with the print. The print also photographs really well!

leopard print sandals from Altard’ State

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