Fishing Addition – First Grade

As I am getting ready and preparing my math lesson, I am thinking of creative ways that will engage the children! My goal is to engage the children in a way that they will learn and have fun.

I am teaching adding three numbers, so thinking of a fun game has been challenging. A number of the children have trouble adding numbers together, but I still need something a little challenging for them

So…who is ready for Addition Fishing?! Addition Fishing will consist of having the students fish for 3 numbers. The fish that they catch will be the numbers that they add together.

I made super cute magnetic fish and fishing poles for the students to use! It took me a few tries to get the right materials … paperclips weren’t strong enough, magnets weren’t strong enough at first. I had to reposition the magnets and finally got it! I practiced with a lot of different ways and got a little frustrated at times.

fishing pole with magnet
fish with magnets on the back

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