Festival of Lights – Cincinnati

Having a toddler requires a lot of creativity when it comes to winter when it becomes cold outside.

One of our favorite things to do, no matter what season it is, is going to the zoo! During the winter, for a few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, PNC Bank sponsors Festival of Lights!

We love looking at all the lights, saying hello to the animals and riding the train. Even during the evening time when we go, we still spend 2 hours there!

It is amazing at how great the zoo is and how much fun my daughter has. We have probably been 100 times in the last couple months!


Oversized Sweaters – Perfect for Winter

I absolutely LOVE being able to wear oversized sweaters with a pair of leggings! There is nothing better to throw on in the inter to feel cozy.

My all time favorite store to shop to for cute, oversized sweaters is Altatd’ State! That store always has the cutest clothes – for dress up or coziness.

With this sweater, I usually tend to dress it up a bit. I usually wear it when I go out to dinners with my friends or family. It is so cute and warm that there is no doubt I will throw it on when I don’t know what to wear!

Not to mention, my pants are from Ever Eve and I love them so much! They are Spanx Pants that look like dress pants! Most comfortable and probably most expensive pants I own!

Outfit Details:

  • Sweater – Altard’ State
  • Pants – Ever Eve
  • Bandeau – Altard’ State

Boss Babe

BOSS BABE in the making! My blog is finally coming together and in addition, I am working on getting ads!

This Christmas season will give a lot of time to publish my new posts! I am really looking forward to spending time with family and traveling around Europe!

There are good posts to come to ring in the new year! I am excited about my blog and where it is going. Additionally, this Christmas season will allow me to work on my new posts from all my traveling!

Not to mention, life has been a little crazy in my life lately — school, work, family, house things, etc.

I wish everyone a great Christmas Holiday and a Happy New Year!