Boss Babe

BOSS BABE in the making! My blog is finally coming together and in addition, I am working on getting ads!

This Christmas season will give a lot of time to publish my new posts! I am really looking forward to spending time with family and traveling around Europe!

There are good posts to come to ring in the new year! I am excited about my blog and where it is going. Additionally, this Christmas season will allow me to work on my new posts from all my traveling!

Not to mention, life has been a little crazy in my life lately — school, work, family, house things, etc.

I wish everyone a great Christmas Holiday and a Happy New Year!


Fishing Addition – First Grade

As I am getting ready and preparing my math lesson, I am thinking of creative ways that will engage the children! My goal is to engage the children in a way that they will learn and have fun.

I am teaching adding three numbers, so thinking of a fun game has been challenging. A number of the children have trouble adding numbers together, but I still need something a little challenging for them

So…who is ready for Addition Fishing?! Addition Fishing will consist of having the students fish for 3 numbers. The fish that they catch will be the numbers that they add together.

I made super cute magnetic fish and fishing poles for the students to use! It took me a few tries to get the right materials … paperclips weren’t strong enough, magnets weren’t strong enough at first. I had to reposition the magnets and finally got it! I practiced with a lot of different ways and got a little frustrated at times.

fishing pole with magnet
fish with magnets on the back

Summers Out, Schools In!

For everyone who is still a student, has kids in school or is even a teacher, summer has flown by! It’s amazing how fast these few months fly by, especially if your summer is just as busy as the school year!

Parents, kids, and teachers are all trying to get the supplies they need, rooms set up, lessons planned and a whole lot of other last minute details. It is that time of year where we are all stressed about making sure we are ready for the school year!


Teachers scurry to get their classrooms set up, making sure they have enough books for their students, making sure everything is organized, making sure projectors work, etc.


Many parents are making sure their kids have backpacks, uniforms, all the supplies the teacher requests among the basic school supplies.

Parents also need to make sure there is a bussing service for the kids to school. Where I live, 15 public/private schools bussing was taken away and they are now bus-less 2 weeks before school starts!

School supplies isn’t always cheap, you have to find those deals at the stores, which isn’t always easy. Staples, a big office supplies store, has great deals going on where some things are less than $1! I have never seen school supplies this cheap! Walmart is another big chain super store, I was able to grab a few “Pean&Gear” brand things for under $5! We don’t really want to spend a fortune on a notebook that will eventually get used up and then tossed in the trash, that’s why we try to find great deals where you won’t feel terrible about throwing away 100 or so pages.

My Experience:

As for me, I was able to get all my school supplies from Walmart! When I ship, I typically don’t shop there, but stumbled across deals I couldn’t pass up! I was able to get all my supplies there for under $20! I am surprised it wasn’t more than that. If I had gone to staples, my total cost would been at least double the cost if not less.

Wall decor is from Marshalls & TJ MAXX
Whiteboard is from Target
Pen Holder, Black Book Keeper, & White Organizers from The Container Store
Black & Gold note paper from Staples
Binder, Folder & Notebook (not pictured) from Walmart
Unicorn Planner from Michael’s