Top 10 Parks [Playgrounds]

Cincinnati has a lot of wonderful parks that the kids just love!

Cincinnati Parent listed 10 Parks [Playgrounds] that are fabulous!

  1. Ault Park
  2. Cincinnati Nature Center PlayScape
  3. Highfield Discovery Garden
  4. Land of Make Believe
  5. Nature Play at BCM
  6. Parky’s Farm
  7. Pleasant Ridge Playground
  8. Smale Riverfront Park
  9. Summit Park
  10. West Fork Park Playland

Out of these 10 parks, I have been to 6 of them! I have been to Ault Park, Cincinnati Nature Center PlayScape, Parky’s Farm, Pleasant Ridge Playground, Smale Riverfront Park, and Summit Park.

My two favorite parks are Cincinnati Nature Center PlayScape and Summit Park.

The Cincinnati Nature Center PlayScape is a great place for the little ones to explore ad get their hands dirty! They are free to do mostly whatever they would like. They are able to play in the water, build with large and small logs and sticks, explore the nature surrounding them, play in mud. The Nature Center provides materials such as spoons, buckets, pans, etc for the kids to use when playing.

Summit Park has two play grounds, ages 2-5 and 5-12. There is also a large field, big bench swings and a playscape with many different sections. The playscape at Summit Park is amazing. There is a section with water, swims, stick/rocks, sand, zipline swing, etc. I love going there and walking too.

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