A Very Picky Toddler!

It’s time to eat lunch, so you prepare a turkey and cheese sandwich for your toddler. You sit her down in her high chair, put a bib on and finally hand her the plate with her sandwich and some fruit. Of course, when you hand your toddler a plate of food, you would think they would eat every single bit of it — not in my case! My daughter ate EVERYTHING but the bread! She usually always eat the bread, but she also thinks its funny to lick off the peanut butter and jelly when I give her that kind of sandwich. In this case, she at the turkey and cheese and the fruit but eft all the bread. I had a feeling that is what she was going to do, and therefore I only gave her half a sandwich so that I wasn’t wasting two pieces of bread.

I never knew toddlers were so picky until I had my own! As I got older, I got more picky with what I wanted to eat. For a toddler to be this picky but not wanting to eat bread kind of shocked me! She is a great eater all around, but this bread thing is a little weird.

As one of my friends said, “at least she ate what is healthy for her!” I couldn’t help but laugh be because she is absolutely right. All you can wish for a toddler is for them to eat healthy foods and not always eat that sugary stuff we tend to give them a lot!

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