Did You Say Golf Cart Parade?!

Just a couple days before we left for our summer vacation, my mom texted me: “There will be a golf cart parade and there is a winner.” Once I got that text, I was so excited to go out and buy decorations for the golf cart!

It was our first time going to the island for the 4th of July, and for this golf cart parade, I had no idea what to expect. I bought the most basic “giant house decorations” from Party City thinking that would make the cut, but I was so wrong. There were golf carts that had many decorations, including multiple blow-up pool floats, flags, stars, streamers, etc. Meanwhile, we have a couple streamers and some USA signs.

It wasn’t all about winning for me though, I just wanted to do something fun and participate! I loved seeing all the other golf carts that were crazy decked out in USA related things. I wish I had more time to plan something spectacular! There is always next year!

Who knew that the other members on the island would get so into decorating their golf carts for a little friendly competition? We had a ton of fun, and will be far more prepared for next year!

Our wonderfully decorated gold cart
Other members golf carts!

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