Building A Better Future

As a young, 23 year old mom and college student, I have to be a role model for my 2 year old daughter. Besides working on my education, I have to work on myself and my fitness.

I am working hard to build a better and healthier lifestyle. It may sound like something easy, but when there is an 2 year old running around, it’s not so easy for me. All I am trying to do is get a quick workout in and eat healthy meals, but with a toddler to watch over i usually don’t get my workout in and grab whatever is in reach to snack on during the day.

The motivation to get me through it all is on my desktop — Actually, I can. — I can get through it, I can make a better life for myself, I can work out for 15 minutes a day, I can eat healthier.

Working on my blog, finishing school, taking care of the house and my daughter is a challenge! I look up to every mom out there who can get through it without a meltdown here and there. It is so hard no to get frustrated over the little things that get in your way!

When I am feeling stressed, I like to go on walks, because it will help clear my head to be able to stay focused on building by future! There is always something you can better for yourself! Stay focused and positive, you can do it!

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